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HealthOxide Launches Clinically Tested Multiple Variants of New Gummies

Variants of these new gummies: Stress Relief, Hair Vitamins, Multi Vitamins, Apple Cider Vinegar with vitamin B12 for Weight Loss.

 These Tasty and Delicious New Gummies with No side effects are available for up to 30% off.

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 18: HealthOxide has been transforming the health & wellness industry for the past four years, emerging as India’s most valued company, the company now launches new clinically tested multiple variants of new gummies with variants such as Stress Relief, Hair Vitamins, Multi-Vitamins and Apple Cider Vinegar with vitamin B12 for Weight Loss. These Tasty and Delicious New Gummies with No side effects are available for up to 30% off.

With thousands of organic consumer product reviews going the rounds on social media, HealthOxide has remarkably developed a family, drawing people’s attention to what’s missing in their usual diet – the appropriate dose of nutrients and some enjoyment. HealthOxide Gummies and supplements will bridge the gap between enjoyment and excellent health, hair and stress relief. Everything appears to be simpler with simply chewing gummies to achieve it all.

Jignesh Kotadiya, Managing Director, HealthOxide commented on the new product range of HealthOxide products, saying that “There has been a growing trend of customers being more fitness conscious in their selections, with a heightened focus on their nutrient consumption. In this context, we have launched gummies that are delicious in taste and are just a pop-up like candy and come with a vast array of health benefits like increase hair strength & shine, stress relief and also aids in weight loss.

Older generations who have been well fed and sleep appear younger than persons their age. We don’t realise it, yet everything begins with a healthy body. This was our first thought while creating these gummies which are clinically tested to improve our overall health so that we can perform at our best. As always, we introduce these gummies for body, hair and stress relief. They aim to restore our overall health and reduce stress which gives us a better face, skin quality, optimal mood, and productivity.”

HealthOxide is one of the largest online stores dealing with Vegan Plant-based protein enriched with delicious flavours and Nutraceutical products for men and women in India. The company is known for excellent quality products and 100 % clinically tested, Dietary Supplements, Sports Supplements, Protein Supplements, Plant Protein, Whey Protein Supplements, Herbal Formulation and Nutritional food products catering to the health-conscious market demand, of different age groups globally.

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