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Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], September 30: Clear Premium Water, a leading brand in the bottled water industry, recently filed a First Information Report (FIR) with local authorities against the brand ‘bi CLARE.’ 

The move comes as a response to the unauthorized use of the Clear Premium Water brand name by several entities to conduct fake business practices, posing a significant threat to the reputation and credibility of Clear Premium Water.

Nayan Shah, the CEO & Founder of Clear Premium Water, has been vocal about combating misleading information and rumors surrounding the brand. The false allegations that Clear Premium Water has a subsidiary brand and is engaged in a dispute with another brand operating under the name Clear, owned by Shah’s brother, are completely unfounded. 

Mr. Shah has categorically stated that Clear Premium Water stands as an independent and standalone entity with no affiliations to any other brands.

“To protect the interests of its valued customers and stakeholders, Clear Premium Water is determined to take stringent measures against any imitating brands that undermine the authenticity and quality it upholds. The FIR filed against ‘bi CLARE’ is a part of the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining its reputation for purity, excellence, and ethical business practices” said Shah.

“The public is urged to exercise caution while making purchasing decisions. Clear Premium Water emphasizes that only products bearing the official Clear Premium Water branding can guarantee genuine quality and adherence to the highest standards of purity” Shah adds.

By taking a firm stance against brand infringement, Clear Premium Water aims to create awareness and protect consumers from counterfeit products that may compromise public health. The company hopes that through its actions, it will set an example for others in the industry and maintain the trust placed in its name by loyal customers and stakeholders.