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New Delhi (India), September 11: The 18th G20 Summit was led by India’s presidency and scheduled for September 2023 in New Delhi. The G20 Summit is centered around the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” This theme emphasizes the intrinsic worth of all living beings, including humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms, highlighting their interconnectedness within the Earth and the broader cosmos.

On this once-in-a-lifetime event of the G20, Fame Finders Media has presented an opportunity to the intellectuals of our country to unleash their respective thoughts about the summit and has welcomed their innovative ideas and solutions to conquer global issues.

The below-listed thoughts are expressed by the top industry leaders and entrepreneurs of our country. Have a look.

Dr. Divya Tanwar

“Dr. Divya Tanwar’s Vision: G20’s Transformative Commitments to Education, Health, and Women’s Empowerment”

Dr. Divya Tanwar, professor at Somaiya Vidyavihar University, Mumbai, shared her views –

India’s leadership at the G20 summit focused on advancing education, health, and women’s empowerment on a global scale, offering a crucial platform for major economies to collaborate on these critical challenges.

The G20 Education Ministers meeting in Pune in June 2023 committed to ensuring foundational literacy and numeracy, leveraging digital technology, and adapting education for the changing job landscape. Health Ministers gathered in Gandhinagar in August 2023 to strengthen global health security, reduce non-communicable diseases, enhance maternal and child health, promote mental health, and achieve universal health coverage.

The G20 also prioritized women’s empowerment by investing in girls’ education, promoting economic participation, combating violence against women, and increasing women’s representation in decision-making. These commitments are vital steps toward a better future, but ongoing efforts are necessary to ensure their realization. The G20’s collaborative efforts have the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of millions globally.

Dr. Suman Ranjan Sensarma

Redefining the game: Food Security.

G20 Presidency, India has prioritized food security in the context of collective action. As our Hon’ble Prime Minister said: “I urge you to deliberate on how to undertake collective action to achieve global food security. We must find ways to build sustainable and inclusive food systems focused on marginal farmers.”

Government and farmers’ multilayered behavioral interaction can be seen with a focus on adaptation strategies related to giving subsidies to farmers by the government and how parties can find their mutual ground to collaborate. It will be a lose-lose situation for both parties if they don’t take adaptive strategies, which will lead to a bigger cost to society.

Here, I advocate the best use of a behavioral model, drama theory (devised by Professor Nigel Howard in the early 1990s), to find a winning proposition that includes the ‘non-rational’ aspects of the decision-making process, such as crisis, emotion, and self-realization. Drama theory evolved from its antecedents in game theory through its next progression, factoring ‘emotion’ as a triggering component in the decision-making process. Emotion manifests to expand the options and choices instead of just following the course of action within a fixed frame of the game.

Let’s welcome drama theory (Redefining the game in terms of players’ options and preferences) by all our great leaders at the G20 to recognize its beautiful approach to solving the real-world problem that makes a difference in millions of people’s lives.
 Dr. Sensarma is a Partner at Baker Tilly Business Advisory Pvt. Ltd. 

Madhurima Mandal

Re(defining) women empowerment with a promising message: Movie as a player

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”- One Earth, One Family, One Future is the theme of G20. For future growth and sustainable development, the top priority is Re(defining) Women’s empowerment. Our Hon’ble Prime Minister rightly said, “When women prosper, the world prospers.”

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the movie is the major player in addressing women’s transformation.

The ‘character’ takes us in several critical moments, realization and reversal, so the story unfolds. Here, I am talking about our special woman who is (re) defining sexuality and empowerment beyond gender discourse; she is our very own “Vidya Balan”.

She has represented herself in different shades of women and played a pivotal role in changing the landscape for women in Hindi cinema.  Kahani, The Dirty Picture, Ishqiya and Sakuntala Devi are few to name. Her leading role and bold character have a significant impact on feminism and beyond. – Madhurima Mandal – Freelancer (Japanese language & Culture), shared her valuable thoughts.

Sankhanath Bandyopadhyay

India’s Resilient Growth Story: Insights from Economist Sankhanath Bandyopadhyay

India’s Q1 FY24 GDP growth stands at 7.8%, down from 13.1% in FY22-23 Q1 but in line with expectations. Key sectors, including agriculture (3.5%), financial services (12.2%), and core industries (8%), exhibit positive trends, while construction dipped to 7.9%. Capital expenditure (capex) holds significance, with a ₹4.8 multiplier effect on the economy per rupee spent. Morgan Stanley predicts manufacturing and capex to contribute 5% of GDP by 2031.

Gross Fixed Capital Expenditure (GFCF) stands at 34% of GDP in FY23, with the Union Government raising its capital expenditure to 22.4% of total spending in FY24. State governments are encouraged to boost capex through various schemes, aligning with G20 discussions on international economic policy and financial stability.

Production-linked incentives (PLI) and infrastructure initiatives aim to enhance private-sector participation, a key G20 topic. Despite global export challenges, India’s domestic demand is set to rise during the festival season, bolstering the economy. Overall, India’s growth story, focusing on capex and infrastructure development, contributes to the G20’s global economic agenda.”

Dr. Manoj Kumar Krishnappa

Dr. Manoj Kumar Krishnappa, Full-time Director and Head of Hitachi Rail STS India, recently shared his insights. He discussed the transformative impact of technology on business, the imperative of sustainability, and the need for global collaboration in tackling pressing challenges. Dr. Manoj Krishnappa expressed optimism about India’s railway infrastructure, considering its status as a major global exporter in this sector. From a developing geography, we are progressing towards a developed economy.

Hitachi Rail STS India, under his leadership, aims to usher in next-generation mobility solutions to align with the government’s vision and make the railway sector cleaner and more sustainable. The company is committed to achieving Carbon Neutrality 2030 across its entire value chain by 2030, contributing significantly to climate change mitigation.

Dr. Manoj Krishnappa highlighted the company’s history of innovation, introducing pioneering technologies in India’s rail industry. These insights underscore the importance of collaborative efforts and technological advancements, aligning with discussions often seen at international events like the G20 summit.

Dhirtiman Chakraborty

Dhirtiman Chakraborty, an author, speaker, and executive coach, shared his insights – G20 Summit 2023: An Urgent Appeal for Robust Supply Chains, Leadership, and Sustainability. Having had the good fortune to be immersed in supply chain management for more than two decades, with more than a decade of those years spent in leadership positions, I have gained insights into the intricate world of global logistics and commerce. As the main economies of the world convene in India for the G20 Summit, there are three crucial areas that require collective reflection and action.

First, the construction of a solid Supply Chain Infrastructure and better global collaboration for mutual benefit. The pandemic has demonstrated the fragility of global supply channels. India is poised to play a pivotal role in the development of a more resilient global supply network, owing to its strategic geographic location and advancing technological prowess. With its combined economic strength, the G20 should promote collaborative investments and initiatives in this field.

Second, Leadership is essential. In a world that is swiftly transforming, businesses need leaders who can not only steer the ship through turbulent waters but also harness the potential of their teams by integrating diverse perspectives to develop innovative solutions.

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis: India’s G20 Presidency and the Call for Global Sustainable Development

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis, a prominent figure in India, serves as a Senior Education Leader and Educational Diplomat. He holds a special role as an Additional Representative at the UN Geneva Office for WFDP and is also the Secretary General of the UN Peacekeepers Veteran Association (AISP SPIA). Dr. Sabnis underscores India’s significant role as it assumes the G20 presidency, emphasizing the country’s status as the world’s largest democracy and fastest-growing economy. 

During India’s G20 presidency in 2023, he emphasized the need to “Accelerate Progress on SDGs,” particularly focusing on SDG 17’s call for global sustainable development partnerships. Dr. Sabnis invokes the concept of “Vasudev Kutumbakam,” urging global unity and diplomatic efforts for sustainable development. India’s commitment to global development through prudent international relations and policies aligns with this vision.

He urged global society to stay united in every possible effort to bring a beautiful future and sustainable development in various sectors through the right diplomacy & micro-planning.

Dr. Shahir Y Bajowala

We are having a G20 summit, and I think that world leaders should give a thought to Poverty and inequality as it is becoming an important global challenge that needs urgent attention. 

Despite progress in some areas, millions of people still live in extreme poverty and lack access to basic necessities. Moreover, wealth and privileges are in the hands of a few, and inequality exists. To address these issues, comprehensive approaches that promote inclusive economic growth, social security, and equal access to education and health services are needed. 

This requires targeted interventions, such as poverty alleviation programs and sustainable livelihoods. Furthermore, efforts must be made to address the root causes of inequality, including discrimination and unequal distribution of resources. By prioritizing solutions to poverty and reducing inequality, we can build a fairer and more prosperous world for all, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Sonu Prasad 

Sonu Prasad serves as the Life coach and Holistic Mentor says – Finally, the wait is over, and the countdown has begun. The 18th G20 Leaders’ Summit will be held in New Delhi, India on September 9-10, 2023, and The summit will be hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The G20 is an international forum for the governments of 20 major economies to discuss and coordinate economic policies.

This time 2023 G20 summit came up with the theme of “One Earth, One Family, One Future and will be talking about Inclusive growth and development along with Digital transformation. 

The digital era, on the one hand, has opened up a pandora of opportunity, and on the other hand, it has given us more responsibilities.

More mental health awareness has spread in the past few years, but we have also witnessed an alarming increase in mental health disorders and cases. This shows that we need to solve this. Otherwise, it will harm society on a very large scale.

Hence, it is high time to come forward and be a part of the change that the world is undergoing.

 Mani Saxena

Mani Saxena, International Educator and best-selling author, says – “Education for Humanity”: As global leaders convene at the G20 Summit, it’s crucial to reflect on the profound connection between education and a strong value system. Eleanor Roosevelt once stated, “Education is essential to good citizenship; it is the foundation of our democracy.”

Education empowers individuals with knowledge, but it’s the integration of values that truly amplifies its impact. A robust value system fosters empathy, tolerance, and ethical decision-making, creating a world where diverse cultures harmonize.

In a rapidly changing global landscape, education coupled with a strong value system equips us to tackle pressing challenges like climate change, inequality, and global health crises. It molds future leaders who not only excel academically but also prioritize collaboration and compassion.

At this G20 Summit, let us recognize that education and values are the bedrock upon which we can build a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive world. Together, we must invest in both to nurture not only knowledgeable citizens but also responsible and empathetic global stewards. 

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