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India, with only 10% of the world’s registered vehicles, bears the burden of nearly 22% of global reported traffic deaths, highlighting the urgent need for quality emergency medical care. Hanuman Care, a Bharat start-up founded by Dr. Niraj Jha in 2020, acknowledges this critical requirement and proudly commemorates its third year in the emergency care industry. Operating under the legal name of Medicvisor Private Limited Company, Hanuman Care has been dedicated to delivering tech-based and advanced emergency medical services to regions across Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Assam, Delhi & NCR, and beyond.

Right from its inception, Hanuman Care has focused on essential services such as one-click ambulance and hospital bookings, as well as EFR bookings. With a 24×7 call center staffed by trained professionals, the company ensures prompt and efficient responses to health-related inquiries from non-app sources, extending its services to even the most remote districts and villages in India.

Hanuman Care specializes in comprehensive ambulance services, encompassing road, train, and air transportation, along with nursing services at home. The company has already facilitated over a million emergency ambulance interventions, demonstrating its commitment to saving lives pan India.

The brand was formally established in 2020, the Hanuman Care team, comprising Dr. Niraj Jha, Mr. Santhosh Singh, and Deepak Jha, holds almost a decade of prior knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry. Their profound understanding of the critical nature of care and intervention during transportation, along with expertise in tech-driven services, has led them to perfect advanced ambulance services via road, train, and air.

Notably, Hanuman Care’s train ambulance service deserves special mention, offering a wide range of essential services such as oxygen support, bed-to-bed shifting, ICU services, stretcher assistance, and more. The rapid response time of Hanuman’s train ambulance services plays a vital role in providing timely care to patients travelling by train and airline.

Hanuman Care’s hospital partnership model stands out as one of the industry’s most effective emergency care frameworks. Collaborating with numerous hospitals across India, Hanuman Care ensures ambulance services reach their patient communities within 15 minutes. The company has ambitious plans to forge partnerships with an extensive network of hospitals, enabling patients to access Hanuman Care Ambulance Services directly through these affiliations.

Differentiating itself from competitors, Hanuman Care incorporates essential features such as a dedicated command center for emergency response, long-distance medical transportation, seamless B2B integration with multiple hospitals, and an active presence in the B2C sector. Trained medical professionals form an integral part of their service, guaranteeing expert assistance and care on time.

So far, Hanuman transported over one lakh patients by road ambulance and over 300 patients via train ambulance, for the remarkable impact team has been honored with prestigious awards, including the CSR Health Impact Awards 2022, MedGate Health Care Awards 2022, and the Atal Samman Award in Patna, Bihar.

Founder Niraj Jha states, “Hanuman Care aims to provide consistent emergency response and care for patients in the regions where we operate, with an ongoing commitment to expand our reach.” The team at Hanuman Care envisions bridging the gap between rural communities and emergency healthcare services, striving to realize their vision of accessible, reliable, and transparent healthcare across India.

On the eve of its third anniversary, Hanuman Care envisions a future where unattended traffic deaths become a mere myth. They aspire to expand their services to every corner of the country, ensuring timely and affordable emergency care is available to even the underprivileged population.

As Hanuman Care celebrates its remarkable journey, the company remains steadfast in its mission to revolutionize emergency healthcare access to every Indian and beyond.